250 mg Full-Spectrum Premium Tincture


Just two ingredients: hemp-derived Cannabidiol and MCT oil. That’s all that’s in this incredibly pure CBD tincture, an all-natural product for people who prefer to dose CBD in oral drops.
This CBD oil tincture also includes MCT oil, providing the perfect complement of both taste and nutritional benefit to your daily CBD dose.
When it comes to your daily CBD intake, it doesn’t get much easier than a few drops of OneLife CBD tincture under the tongue. It’s an ideal way to administer a potent, extra-absorbent dose of full-spectrum CBD oil that’s full of beneficial amino acids, terpenes, and cannabinoids.
We’ve blended our CBD hemp oil drops with MCT oil, making this tincture an excellent way to promote a healthy metabolism while you’re absorbing all the beneficial compounds from the CBD oil. Derived from coconuts, MCT oil essentially helps you absorb and retain the nutrients from everything you eat and drink. By ingesting MCT oil along with your CBD tincture, you’re improving your body’s chances of using every bit of nutritional goodness from the CBD itself, this making it more bioavailable.

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This Stuff Saved My Dog~

I love this product!!! I use it for my Pit Whippet who was abused before I got him. He had a major fear of kennels. He would chew through the bars of his kennel and turning himself into a bloody mess than when he wasn’t in the kennel he would chew up my blinds, brand new bed, and sheets. A few drops of this product in his food or treats when I know it is going to be a long day locked in my room cures him of his anxiety. He no longer chews up my room. He still hates the kennel seeing as before I saved him he was abused in a kennel, but he is now able to walk in them without freaking out. This stuff has saved my dog. It is so amazing that my dad has started “borrowing” it without asking to use on his German Short Hair when he needs to clip his nails. Thank you so much for making an amazing product.

V. Garvin

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1 review for 250 mg Full-Spectrum Premium Tincture

  1. Judy M. -CO

    I’m using this One Life CBD oil in a salve form for my “very old” cat. He has confirmed cancer on his ear. I’m not sure of the healing just yet but I do know he doesn’t mind it being put on and has quit scratching his ear since I’ve used it. Before, he scratched his ear till it bled. I’m giving CBD oil internally for him also. He’s started acting better and has a super good appetite. He also used to get car sick going to the vet or wherever; That stopped, too. I’m so grateful! Thank you One Life CBD!

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